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Quora Hub - Online Communities Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards

Quora Hub - Online Communities Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards

Quora Hub - To those who have never experienced an online community they may seem pointless, a waste of time or simply childish. However, for those that have expanded beyond the traditional means of communication such as, talking on the telephone or conversing face-to-face, online communities offer a new and exciting means of communication. They offer a chance to meet others, gain advice, voice an opinion, defend an argument, or to simply relax and have a little fun. Acknowledging both points of view, I decided to explore the world of online communities for myself.

Quora Hub - For my online community I decided to enter Quora Hub, country music,Chat Room. Through Quora Hub, there were many different chat rooms you could enter ranging from sports, to current events. However, I chose to enter the country music room because I have listened to country music all my life and I thought who I would best relate to those that would be in a country music room. Within the country music topic there were fourteen different rooms; I chose room four because it contained the most people: 44 active members. Therefore, I assumed that it would be the most active.

Quora Hub - Inside the chat room I was surprised at what I found. The first thing that I noticed was the names of the chatters. Each had some sort of country name such as, “rodeo cowgirl” or “bull riding cowboy.” While looking through the conversations that were occurring I noticed that no one was discussing country music. In fact, the entire time I was in the chat room the topic rarely even appeared. I tried writing a post that said, “Does anyone know who sang the song ‘Thunder Rolls’?” About five minutes later, I received a response that said “Garth ..

My First Chat Room Experience

My First Chat Room Experience Perhaps some of the most amusing sites to visit on the Internet are the online communities. Given this topic, I was forced, although it was an inevitable experience hardly avoidable, to do some self exploration by entering the intriguing world of chat communities. Communities designed for talk, friendship, romance, entertainment, education, support, or even pleasure. With the variety of topics I had the opportunity to explore, I was exposed to all of these options.

Lesson Planning and Teacher Chat Rooms

Quora Hub - Lesson Planning and Teacher Chat Rooms The nature of research and discovery of a topic at one time used to be complicated. Going to the library, searching through piles of cards that were categorised and confusing in itself. Trying to find the various sections of material and checking out the material (books, periodicals, etc.)

The Details of Chat Rooms and Online Communities

Quora Hub - Online communities? What are they? Well I’m not too sure. One thing I can tell you is that when I hear those words I usually think of chat rooms. I am sure you know that if you go online one of the things you can do is go into the chat rooms. In fact, one of the first things I did when I first went to America Online was go into a chat room. I remember my friends telling me how much fun it was. I wondered what was so fun about it.

E-mail, Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms: The New Letter?

Quora Hub - E-mail, Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms: The New Letter? Personal communication over distance used to be laborious – considerable physical impediments slowed the process. In the 1800’s, an aristocratic gentlemen hand-penned a letter with a quill pen and bottled ink, sealed the envelope with melted wax, and sent a footman to hand-deliver the missive to his faraway love; in the midst of battle, foot-soldiers ran relays across hostile territories, rushing battle plans to waiting troops; news..

The Pros and Cons of Internet Chat Rooms

Quora Hub - The Pros and Cons of Internet Chat Rooms Computers have affected our lives in so many ways. To the way we finance things, to the way we find our future significant other. The outcomes of computers probably happen within the last five years, give or take some. It has made people fall in love with being in a virtual world and new people. That now in “real” life the people do not know how to act around non-virtual people. In this report I plan to take a look at the pros and cons of meeting/talking..

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Even if you end up spending a majority of your time elsewhere on Quora Hub, the feed is one of the best places to find questions about topics you care about. In the beginning, your feed will only consist of topics that you previously selected when you first signed up, but you can, of course, add more. You can simply search for a topic in the search box at the top of Quora Hub at any time, select it to open its page, and click “follow.” It’s that simple.

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