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No, doctors prescribe Ambien only after proper clinical diagnosis of insomnia or any other sleep disorder requiring this drug's treatment. Also, doctors are careful as Ambien is not as addiction-free as people thought.

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When Ambien was first discovered, medical professionals and scientists thought it unlikely to cause dependence, tolerance, or be misused like benzodiazepines. Unfortunately, people taking moderate to high doses of this drug for an extended period have experienced a struggle with Ambien withdrawal symptoms whenever they try to quit.

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Even after getting Ambien prescribed, ensure to stay in touch with your medical healthcare professional. If you suddenly discontinue Ambien use, you may experience stomach cramps, shaking, nervousness, vomiting, and panic attacks. Ambien or Ambien CR is for short-term use only, and taking it in higher doses for an extended period can increase the risk of addiction.

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